Neurofeedback details & fees.

1. Initial Consultation. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation. During this 45-minute session, we will determine whether you are a candidate for neurofeedback therapy. You will view a demonstration on neurofeedback training and have time to ask questions. The fee for the initial consultation is $145.

2. Number of Sessions & Fees. After the initial consultation, the neurofeedback sessions will be scheduled twice weekly. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes (with 30 minutes of actual training) and cost $145 per session. We offer a discounted rate of $135 for each set of 10 sessions if paid in advance, or $145 per session if paid at the time of service.

Please expect to undergo at least 30 sessions. The average number of sessions for most disorders is 40. Some conditions (e.g. autistic spectrum, bipolar disorder) are more difficult and may require 60 to 100. Many clients experience improvement before 10-20 sessions, yet it is unlikely that these improvements will be maintained without completing treatment. There is a cumulative benefit to the number of sessions undergone.

3. Intake questionnaire to complete. If neurofeedback is considered appropriate after our initial consultation, we ask that you answer a series of heath and lifestyle questions before you or your child starts the neurofeedback training. The questionnaires should be completed and returned to our office 4-5 days prior to the first training session.

Click to download the questionnaires for Adult clients or Parent for child and Teacher for child. Or you may call our office for the forms. Note that there is a questionnaire to be completed by a teacher of the child/client.

The information provided on the questionnaire is extremely important because it helps determine treatment sites (on the scalp) and frequencies.

4. Assessment & First Training Session: At your first session, we will review our evaluation of your completed questionnaire and begin your training. You will see your actual brainwaves and be on your way!

Counseling Fees.

Crossroads Counseling & Neurofeedback offers full counseling services. Please see our Counseling page for more information. Our clinic charges $135 per 45 minute counseling session.

Payment options.

In addition to your personal check, we will gladly accept Visa and MasterCard as payment for our services. Please call our office if you have questions about insurance coverage.

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Click for Questionnaires
Download your forms to be completed after initial consultation and before the first neurofeedback training session. Or call our office for the forms.