Documents to download (pdf files)

Crossroads Counseling’s Neurofeedback Handout (7 pgs)

Article on neurofeedback by Randall Lyle, PhD, published in the San Antonio Business Journal.

Research articles and abstracts

ADD: Functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of the effects of neurofeedback training on the neural bases of selective attention and response inhibition in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Levesque.

Mood Disorders: Neurofeedback with anxiety and affective disorders. Hammond.

Magazine articles

Los Angeles Times article on Chris Kaman, a basketball player for the Clippers, helped by neurofeedback as an adult.

Psychotherapy Networker featured a story about neurofeedback and learning disabilities. Although the client attributed all his problems to his dyslexia, a further look showed other issues, such as anger and anxiety that combined with his dyslexia made his life difficult.

Scientific America Mind. February 2006 article about training your brain. This is a very readable article with research referenced.

Research links


Getting Rid of Ritalin, by Robert Hill, PhD and Ed Castro, MD
Bob Hill is a psychologist, who used neurofeedback in his clinical practice for over 15 years and now lectures to professionals in the field. A very helpful resource about neurofeedback.

The 20 Hour Solution, by Mark Steinberg, PhD and Siegfied Othmer, PhD
Basic explanation of neurofeedback, how it is used and its successes.

Symphony in the Brain, by Jim Robbins.
An introduction to neurofeedback and its history, for those who want to know how it started and how the field progressed.

Healing ADD, by Daniel Amen
Dr. Amen delineates the different types of attention problems with one chapter on neurofeedback.

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