Our therapists' backgrounds and experience.

"Each of us has been in the marriage and family therapy field for over 20 years. During this time, we have looked at alternative treatments but found none with results as significant as neurofeedback. Now, because of advances in computers and more accurate ways to view and understand the brain, neurofeedback is often the treatment of choice for many conditions, providing better results faster.

For some issues, such as marital therapy, grief issues and overcoming abuse, talk therapy continues to be the therapy of choice. We will be happy to help you evaluate what is the best treatment for you or your child."

– Mary Vernon, Bill Bush and Kathy Stevenson

Mary R. Vernon, MS, LPC. I enjoy seeing adults, teens and children. I began working with neurofeedback in 2003 and have had great success with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sensory integration, sleep issues, ADD/ADHD and more. With compassion and from a spiritual perspective, I also counsel adults. I was blessed to do an internship under Paul Warren, MD, in 1984, was then on staff at Fellowship Bible Church North and have now been in private practice for 18 years. I am married with a married daughter and a son. An EEG Spectrum Affiliate and an EEG Associate.

Bill Bush, MA, LMFT. I have been counseling for over 25 years. I work with families, children, adolescents, and marital issues. I enjoy working with men and their struggles, as well. I have been married for twenty years and we have three children ages 7 through 16. I am active in my church and serve on the Elder Board as well as the School Board at my children's school. I have been on staff with Young Life and several churches. I am also excited about neurofeedback and all the options it brings to a counseling setting. An EEG Spectrum Affiliate and an EEG Associate.

Kathy Stevenson, MS, LPC. I work with individuals, couples and families struggling with depression, anxiety, life stage issues, attention, and conflicts using both counseling and neurofeedback. With a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, I taught in church and school settings. After receiving my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1986, I worked as the Family Therapist at Millwood Hospital in the drug and alcohol treatment center. I have been in private practice since the late 1980s. I am married and have two children and three stepchildren. An EEG Spectrum Affiliate.
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